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which MS clone do you use most? - femboyarmada - 10-28-2022

i found this forum via the blurb text onĀ https://minesweeper-pro.com/ which i'm pretty sure is ran by the same person as minesweeper.us. it also offers custom games with mine control which i use a lot, since i get bored with the default modes a lot (my field of expertise is board size + difficulty, not fastest time)

i've also heard there's some offline emulators with a lot more customisability, although i've never tried them.

RE: which MS clone do you use most? - adamn - 10-29-2022

Hi, there are three officially recognized pieces of software, all three listed on the Authoritative Minesweeper's website, here: https://minesweepergame.com/ranking-rules.php

These are the versions pro players use. I can't recommend any of them in particular though, because I play only online clones.